About Us

Entremission is a social enterprise serving the next generation of social and environmental changemakers.

We work with all types of organizations, including charities, nonprofits, social enterprises, and volunteer community groups. Our specialty is helping people who are new to leadership or mission-driven work and people searching for alternatives to outdated social change strategies.

We want justice and good to prevail. We want the best ideas to win. And we’re willing to work hard to make it happen.

Meet the CEO and co-founder of Entremission. 

Krystyn Tully is a social change advocate with more than 25 years’ experience in the public interest world.

What we can do for you

Writing and advocacy

From policy papers to speeches to grants to blog posts, our written work has helped to raise millions of dollars for charity and shaped policy at every level of government. We can help with communications process, like key messaging and content planning. We can also produce the polished product you need to just go out and change the world.

Bespoke consulting

We design strategy, fundraising, business plan, program design, and database solutions for strategically-important-but-kind-of-black-boxy process challenges. (Did we mention we’re process nerds?) We believe doing good should be an open source kind of thing, so we’re happy to share everything we know along the way.

Technology solutions

Whether you need a custom app for your project, an open data service, or an audit of your current digital infrastructure, we have you covered. We believe technology should make your work easier and your impact greater. Oh, and we are also process nerds. We love to set people up with tools that simplify budgeting, strategy, impact assessment, and business planning.

Skill development

We create affordable, relevant training resources or provide direct support to help you develop the skills you need to run organizations and shape policy. Skills are your secret weapon. You don’t need magic and unicorns to change the world. 

Our team has 30+ years of combined experience working with successful, respected charitable projects.