Entremission’s Services

Entremission provides technology, strategy, and resource creation services.

We work with all types of organizations, including charities, nonprofits, social enterprises, and volunteer community groups. 

If you have a vision for social or environmental change, we can help you create the strategy and build the tools to bring your ideas to life.

Digital change

Adopt new technology or upgrade the systems that power your work. (Go)


Answer mission-critical questions, then map out a strategy for making good things happen. (Go)


Make work easier by documenting your key messages and workflows. (Go)


On-demand leadership, communications, and fundraising coaching and support. (Go)

Our services help fuel social change, raise more money for good causes, and help your day-to-day operations run smoothly.

We are leaders in nonprofit strategy, with special talents for communications and digital technology. We’re all about translating vision to reality.

People rely on Entremission’s services when they want to design a new strategy. They come to us when they need data to inform a fundraising, communications, or operations plan. They come to us when they need capacity to engage their community. They come to us when they need new or better technology. If these services can help you do good work, we’d love to chat.

Digital change services

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Digital technology influences every aspect of social impact work. Whether you are managing an office, fundraising, or engaging your community, technology is part of your organization’s strategy.  

Entremission works with technology leaders on the cutting edge of nonprofit strategy. We also work with people adopting digital tools for the very first time. First we clarify your needs, then we create your tech and training resources. We can use out-of-the-box solutions or build custom tools to meet your needs. 

Entremission builds tech:

  • New or upgraded websites (custom, WordPress, or Squarespace)
  • Mobile apps (iOS, Android, or web browser)
  • Artificial Intelligence tools 
  • Templates for your internal activities (Communications and Campaign Plans, Fundraising Strategies, meeting agendas)

Entremission configures tech:

  • Customer Relationship Management tools (like Salesforce or Little Green Light)
  • Emailing marketing systems (like Mailchimp)
  • Analytics and digital marketing processes (like Google Analytics and Google Grants search ads)
  • Online dashboards to capture and display your KPIs

Technology engagements last anywhere from 1-12 months, depending on the complexity of your project.

Communications &
engagement strategy services

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Effective communications and engagement fuel your mission. They are key components of all nonprofit strategy and social impact project. Everything you can think of depends on effective communications and engagement, including leadership, fundraising, and program delivery.

Leaders and organizations need to have open lines of communication with their communities. Development staff need to explain the value of their work to funders to raise money. Your team needs to collaborate with partners and each other. They need to listen. They need to persuade institutions and individuals to embrace equitable, sustainable behaviours — and they need to do the same. 

Entremission works with teams to define a strategic problem or goal. We gather all the data, perspective, and information needed to formulate a strategy. Then we map out a clear course of action so that everyone knows exactly what to do.

Entremission answer strategic questions:  

  • Who are you talking to? Who should you be talking to?
  • Who are your funders and what do they need to know?
  • How do you reach your audience?
  • Do your communications reflect your priorities and values? 
  • How do you explain a program or your work in general? 
  • How should you adapt a program or institution to meet the needs of the future?
  • Does your current technology meet the needs of a program and/or organization? 
  • How might new technology make a program or organization more effective? 

We can develop internal or external strategies to achieve your mission, fundraising, and management goals. If you would like, strategy engagements can include mentoring to build your team’s skills and abilities as we work together. Strategy engagements typically last 1-6 months.

Resource creation services

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Resource creation involves writing, editing, and designing mission-critical resources you need to implement your strategy. You know what we mean — those documents and tutorials you wish you had but never seem to have time to make. 

Resources such as key messages, program outlines, training manuals, and boilerplate language are powerful tools. They help your team communicate effectively, save time, and make it easy for people to follow the processes you worked so hard to design. If you haven’t developed key resources for your organization, you are probably spending a lot of time and energy redoing the same work, reacting to miscommunications, or failing to capture your community’s attention.

We can document existing knowledge and processes, or we can work through a strategic engagement and then create the resources you need to implement your new approach. Either way, Entremission’s expertise in writing, video editing, and audio production, means that we can create resources in any format that suits your fancy.

Resources you need:

  • Technology plan
  • Communications plan
  • Fundraising plan (or dedicated sponsorship, grant, or individual donor strategy)
  • Project outlines
  • Case for support
  • Training manuals (including software how-tos)
  • Orientation and onboarding materials
  • Nonprofit strategy / business model

Resources typically take 1-2 months to create.

Research and consulting services

Much of our direct nonprofit experience involves environmental protection and water policy. If you are working on sustainability, nature-based, or policy and justice projects, then we’d be happy to share our knowledge with you.

We’re also really into topics like Artificial Intelligence (AI), open data, technology poverty, privacy and security, and the role of social impact leaders in the 21st Century. We love contributing our expertise, tech, or writing skills to projects in these areas.

We’re here to help

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