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How do I do social media with limited resources? Create a simple social media plan and set a realistic schedule. Entremission's Basic Social Media Planner can help you do it.

How small nonprofits can do social media

Social media is a challenge for many a small nonprofits.

It’s this thing you do because you think you’re supposed to do it. It doesn’t generate the same impact as other work, but you feel like you can’t stop. You might find it hard to fund. It can take time from your fundraising, program, and leadership staff. And the social media companies themselves often spread hate and misinformation — things your social impact organization is actively working to stop.

There are many good reasons to shy away from social media, and one good reason to do it a little. We don’t get to choose where our community gathers.

If you do work that engages or serves a community and if that community is spending time on social media, then you need to be on social media. It’s that simple.

Social media isn’t free

Nonprofits, especially smaller ones, cannot compare their social media reach to celebrity or corporate social media accounts. Large organizations, corporations, influencers, and public figures have money, bigger teams, and an apparatus to support their social media efforts. You don’t.

You can’t be a player on social media without spending money. Social media experts, lovely creatures that they are, publish free articles and tutorials that teach you how to get good at social media. But getting good takes time. Then, once you’re on social media, you need to pay to reach a large audience.

Most nonprofits can’t spend any money on social media, let alone the amount of money it takes to do it well.

Small nonprofits can be different

Depending on the nature of the work you do or the community you engage, social media might not be important right now. Social media can’t be important to everyone all of the time, and that’s okay.

If you “do” social media because you have to, it might be important to save most of your time for other priorities. You need a social media plan that works for you.

A simple social media plan includes these basics:

> A goal that serves your organization’s needs. (Just one goal.)

> A platform that is most likely to reach the community you’re engaging. (Just one platform.)

> A routine that you can actually sustain, whether that’s an hour a day or an hour a month.

When you have an intentional, realistic plan, then you can go ahead and implement that plan. You can do social media with confidence, knowing that you’re achieving the greatest impact possible with the resources you have.

Wondering where to start? Try Entremission’s brand-new Basic Social Media Planner. It’s written specifically for nonprofits who want to do social media without having to “do” social media. Enjoy!

How to do social media at a small nonprofit

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