The Organizer

The Organizer is a weekly newsletter for nonprofit and social impact folks.

We know that time is precious when you are focused on an important cause, so we bundle the information in a friendly package you can scan in a few minutes.

Read it. Use it. Save it. Share it.

  • Storytelling is easier with the Story Spine

    Use the Pixar formula to paint a memorable picture of your work. More

  • How to prevent burnout at your nonprofit

    Good management can help prevent burnout in social impact work. How to spot the risks and what to do to make good work easier. More

  • Communications infrastructure lets you reach people fast

    Set up your communications infrastructure in advance so you can quickly and easily deliver an important message to the right group of people. More

What to expect from The Organizer newsletter

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Illustrations by Storyset

The Organizer newsletter is for nonprofit workers and anyone else trying to create equitable, sustainable communities. Each week we explore one important aspect of social change work. 

You’ll find two gifts in every edition of The Organizer. We start with an insight to help you navigate the challenges of social impact work. Then you get a new tool to make your work a little easier.

The newsletter for nonprofit life

Each edition of The Organizer newsletter focuses on one common question from nonprofit life. You’ll see questions you’ve been asking yourself for months. You’ll see questions you asked at the start of your career. You may even see questions about things you didn’t know you didn’t know.

We draw inspiration from the major themes of nonprofit and charity work — leadership, fundraising, management, communications, impact, and personal growth. We cover a range of topics because we know most people in the nonprofit world wear a lot of different hats.

You can expect to see big picture questions like “How do I stay motivated?” and “How do I find funding?”

You can also expect to see nitty-gritty detail questions like “How do I keep track of all my organization’s social media accounts?” and “How do I make a meeting agenda?”

Every edition of The Organizer includes a link to a digital tool that will help you do the thing we describe in the article. We’ll include tools created by the Entremission team, as well as tools created by some of the best-known technology companies on the planet (Google, Apple, Microsoft). These tools are almost always free and you can start using them immediately.

You shouldn’t have to think (unless you want to). The whole point of The Organizer is to answer a question that has been bothering you and give you a tool to act immediately. Why not start each week feeling focused and energized?

If this sounds good to you, go ahead and subscribe. You can opt out any time.

Why we created The Organizer

For Entremission, how you reach your goals matters. Art is in the “how”. Change is in the “how”. Equity and sustainability are in the “how”. Meaning is in the “how”. Everything that matters in life is in the “how”. So we think “how”should be the fun part, the good part, the best part of the work you do.

Most people get into nonprofit work because they care about a cause. They’re drawn to a mission. They want to make a difference. Few are trained for the wide range of program and leadership and fundraising and administration and technology and relationship-building tasks that this work requires.

Through our own experience in the nonprofit space and our experience with clients, we know how hard it can be to find the right tools and build the right systems to bring your mission to life.

That’s why we created The Organizer. We know that time is precious when you are focused on an important cause. Our goal is to save you time and make your week a little easier. Because good work doesn’t have to be so hard.

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Dreaming of a better world is easy. Bringing it to life is hard.

The Organizer is here to help. 

Read it. Use it.
Save it. Share it.