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The Organizer is a bi-weekly newsletter for nonprofit workers and anyone else trying to create equitable, sustainable communities. We know that time is precious when you are focused on an important cause, so we bundle the information in a friendly package you can scan in a few minutes.

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Dreaming of a better world is easy.
Bringing it to life is hard.
The Organizer is here to help.

Recent Articles

How nonprofits can embrace digital growth

February 5, 2024

To change the world, we need to embrace digital growth. Here’s how.

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The Organizer 2023 – The best of the year, in review

December 18, 2023

The Organizer’s mission is to share knowledge and the challenges we all face; in that spirit, here are our favourite articles from the Organizer in 2023

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Inbox Hero: Inbox management made simple.

December 11, 2023

In case you missed it, the Canadian Press has a dire warning for you, your inbox management is destroying the planet

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Power dynamics in nonprofit organizations

December 4, 2023

Power will be always present, but as a leader, you can decide how to share it equitably and harness it for good.

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Nonprofit key performance indicators and impact measures

November 27, 2023

When measuring nonprofit work, there’s a difference between key performance indicators and impact measures | The Organizer #67

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When you need to raise more money, don’t go it alone

November 20, 2023

If you’ve hit a plateau and you still need to raise more money, it’s time to build a team.

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Helping you do more

Our mission with The Organizer is to answer a question that has been bothering you and give you a tool to act immediately. Why not start your week feeling focused and energized?

Every edition of The Organizer starts with an insight to help you navigate the challenges of social impact work.

Then, we include a link to a digital tool that will help you do the thing we describe in the article. We include tools created by the Entremission team, as well as tools created by some of the best-known technology companies on the planet (Google, Apple, Microsoft). These tools are almost always free and you can start using them immediately.

Two gifts in every edition

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An insight
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Our promise

The Organizer focuses on common questions from nonprofit life. You’ll see questions you’ve been asking yourself for months and questions you asked at the start of your career. You may even see questions you never thought to ask.

You can expect to see big picture questions like “How do I stay motivated?” and “How do I find funding?”

You can also expect to see nitty-gritty detail questions like “How do I keep track of all my organization’s social media accounts?” and “How do I make a meeting agenda?”

We draw inspiration from the major themes of nonprofit and charity work — leadership, fundraising, management, communications, impact, and personal growth. We cover a range of topics because we know most people in the nonprofit world wear a lot of different hats.

It's not easy to find the right tools and build the right systems to bring your mission to life. At the same time, "how" you reach your goals matters. Equity and sustainability are in the “how”. Change is in the “how”. Art is in the “how”. How matters.

This is why we created The Organizer: so that good work doesn’t have to be so hard.

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