Entremission works with individuals and organizations to hone their leadership, communications, and fundraising abilities.

> Lead wisely.

> Communicate effectively.

> Make an impact. 

Micro-Coaching with Krystyn

A relationship with a coach or a mentor shouldn’t break your budget and it shouldn’t require a long-term commitment. Sometimes one conversation is all you need.  

Micro-coaching allows you to book a one-hour coaching conversation and get the perspective or training you need quickly and affordably. These sessions are ideal for people who are trying something new, feel stuck, or need quick access to strategy and communications expertise. 

You pick the date and time. You pick the topic. It’s as easy as that.

We believe coaching should be accessible, especially to small organizations and emerging leaders. For a limited time, any nonprofit employee, student, or someone interested in the sector can book micro-coaching appointments here and save 60% off our normal rates.

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What can we talk about? 

These sessions work best when you have an issue or challenge that you we can explore in an hour. Sometimes you need someone to bounce ideas around with another person. Sometimes you need a chance to think out loud. You can use your time to practice a presentation, clarify your priorities, or learn how to use a new bit of technology.

Here are a few things we’ve covered in micro-coaching sessions:

  1. How do I explain my organization’s mission? 
  2. How do I talk to my boss about my career goals? 
  3. How do I get more traffic to my organization’s website?0
  4. Why is my organization not getting any online donations?
  5. What kind of analytics or impact metrics should I be bringing to staff meetings?
  6. What technology does my program need to operate? 

When you need to learn something or gain perspective, you shouldn’t have to go back to school or attend multi-day workshops. Good work doesn’t have to be so hard, and you don’t have to do it alone.

Coaching for Organizations

Navigating transitions or developing new systems can be easier with a coach. Whether you are going through leadership changes or revamping your communications workflows, we can help you identify your priorities and build your new routines. 

Coaching can happen in private or groups sessions. Our goal is to transfer knowledge and skills to your organization so you have more capacity to do great work. We’ll spend extra time mentoring and training during the coaching process, if that’s important to you. 

Coaching can also be paired with strategy and resource creation projects. You define your organization’s needs, and Entremission will develop the plan or documentation to bring it to life. 

Contact us to schedule an exploratory conversation. 

Individual Coaching

We also work directly with individuals to help you build skills or navigate a challenge. You can contact us to talk about your specific needs or use the micro-coaching booking option. 

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